Production Capabilities

Our production capabilities include:

Component Technology
  • SMT/THT - ROHS compliant
  • Action pin through hole technology
  • Passive parts 1206 – 0201, QFP, QFN, PGA, BGA, special packages after evaluation
Soldering Technology
  • Selective soldering, nitrogen assisted wave soldering, nitrogen assisted reflow soldering, punch soldering, robotic & hand soldering, laser soldering, selective flux wave soldering
Product finishing
  • Selective coating and varnishing, potting technology
  • Laser marking, DMX-Code, labels
  • AOI, X-Ray, ICT, FUT, screening
Printed Circuit Board handling capability
  • Single layer and multilayer PCBs, flexible PCBs
Production Flexibility
  • High and mid volume lot sizes, flexible variants based on size and shape of PCBs
  • Mechanical housing/harness assembly
Traceability & Quality Management
  • 100% automated traceability system
  • Dedicated internal quality management team
Custom Assembly
  • In-house designed automated production lines for high volume complex, custom assembly & testing