APAGCoSyst is your ideal partner for high-quality, medium and high volume electronic manufacturing.

We are equipped with high-speed, precision placement lines, a range of THT technology including nitrogen assisted selective and robotic soldering, and PCB finishing processes including conformal coating and silicone potting.

We specialise in production automation and dedicated manufacturing lines / tool development for component assemblies in housings or with complex moulded shapes. We also develop test equipment including in-circuit testing and functional testing for all our products.

Turnkey Management of the Supply Chain – Managing your Bill of Materials (BoM)
  • Conducting a BoM lifecycle analysis,
  • Identifying custom parts suppliers,
  • Recommending alternatives,
  • Managing all suppliers,
  • Procuring components, and
  • Supporting logistics issues (eg. shortages, lead times, delays)
High Quality Industrial Engineering & Production
  • Design for Manufacturing (DfM) & Design for Cost (DfC) consultancy
  • Sample production & complex testing to support the development cycle
  • Innovative custom production tooling or complete line design optimized for quality and cost considering project volume
  • Test conceptualization, design & custom test tooling
  • Packaging concepts & design
  • High quality SMT & THT production and box-build/final assembly with 100% optical and functional testing
Project Management
  • Single point of contact for customer
  • Regular, standardised management of and reporting on timelines, KPIs, and project status
  • Supplier quality management (e.g. supplier audits, quality claim coordination)
  • Production quality tracking
Project Teams
  • Key account manager (pre-project point of contact & high-level steering)
  • Project manager & industrial engineer (project team leader & customer point of contact + production concept design)
  • Process engineer (production concept execution)
  • Project quality executive (dedicated quality assurance, functional safety process support)
  • Project buyer (BoM management)
  • Customer service executive (order administration & logistics)