APAGCoSyst designs and manufactures custom electronic control units (ECU) for automotive applications.

Our services include:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Analog and digital circuit development
  • Construction services
  • Hardware-related programming
  • Development of real-time-capable applications
  • Validation, testing, environmental qualification and the type approval
  • Managing security-critical systems (ASIL classified)

Our software development has experience with the AUTOSAR software standard.

The realization of your projects is done based on our proven AUTOMOTIVE SPICE development process.

Our platforms provide a variety of inputs and outputs. Input channels can be adapted to 12V and 5V applications, and to digital and analog signals. Different output stages can be provided such as B6 bridges, H-bridges, half-bridges, and high and Low Side switches. Multiple CAN and LIN interfaces are available. The platforms are automotive qualified. Housing and connectors are designed for use in the vehicle. The platforms can be used for rapid embedded control prototyping and for series applications.

We are your ideal partner for a speedy solution for different applications. Today our platforms control custom mechanical, lighting, and other functions in series mass production scale for passenger cars, but also small series in special vehicles and agricultural in the comfort and body feature area.

Motor/Actuator Control

APAGCoSyst designs and manufactures units controlling motors and actuators for automotive applications. Example products include steering wheels electrically adjustable for rake and reach, spoiler activation, and chassis lift controllers.

Our development is customer-centric and project specific. We have served different OEMs across different models, and with varying constraints and functionalities. We design power stages based on the type of motor being driven and desired system functionality. We customize handling switches, positioning sensors, and signaling.

We understand that the connection to the vehicle communication network varies from project to project, and we work to stay current with the relevant EMC and environmental guidelines. We work to ensure that the electronics are integrated into the mechanics of the steering column – taking into account space, packaging, mounting, and housing connector design constraints.

We also understand diagnostics and monitoring functions, luxury features, speed management, noise optimization, and state-of-the-art security measures.

We are your ideal partner for automotive ECUs for motors and actuators.

Touch-based Control

APAGCoSyst designs and manufactures automotive electronics controlled with touch – an elegant feature growing in various applications in luxury cars. We can replace mechanical switches in dashboards, central consoles, and overhead consoles – often with integrated indicator lighting.

With smartphones, the user’s intuition is increasingly familiar with a display surface extended to be an interface. Touch technology facilitates this extension. Touch-based systems do not even need contact, they can respond simply with an approach. These capacitive touch systems are increasingly common especially in applications without a display.

We develop systems based on ‘self-capacitance’ (approach) or ‘mutual-capacitance’ (contact). We can integrate sensors on PCBs, foil, or mesh. We can also provide haptic feedback. Signal processing is either discrete or using an integrated touch controller.

We understand the need for EMC optimization and can develop mechanisms such as guard channels, ‘sample hopping,’ or the requisite software filter to avoid an operating error.

We are your ideal partner for a touch surface control solution.


APAGCoSyst designs and manufactures modular meter clusters, individual human-machine interfaces (HMI), and displays. This includes monitors, instrumentation, analog clocks, and touchscreen or touch control panels.

Each project is custom. We work together with our housing construction specialists. We work with painted, coated, chrome, and metallic surfaces for 3D design and lighting implementation. We use light guides to achieve homogenous light distribution.

We can develop single or mutli-colour lighting and are able to dynamically change colour for symbols and scales. We have had experience with onboard computers, and graphic representation of vehicle parametres and dynamic 2D and 3D scenarios.

We are well-versed with the basics of display control, stepper motors and lighting elements. We also understand signal processing and filtering for parameters such as fuel level, situation-based control of symbols, and interactive complex menus. We can capture external data via analog and digital inputs, and common automotive bus systems.

We are your ideal partner for your custom display and HMI.